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Open for Business – Office Access Limited

Blankenship CPA Group’s operations are running.  As an organization we have determined certain actions are prudent given the weight of the situation we face today as a nation, and as a people.  Until further notice, access to our offices is restricted to limited employees only.

Why are we doing this?

The Center for Disease Control and the office of the President of the United States have asked that whenever possible all individuals should work from home for at least 15 days to slow the spread.  Also, in similar guidance, gatherings of ten or more people have been counseled against.  A phrase we have adopted here at the firm is “our collective health is our collective responsibility.”  Thank you for joining us in this effort as we come together as a community and a country.

What are we doing?

How are we restricting access to Protect our Clients and our Team?

We are restricting access for our offices to only employees effective 3/18/20.  Unfortunately, we cannot have any exceptions.  Many of our clients, and our team, are in the high risk population groups.  It is our commitment to you, as our client, that drives this decision.  Restricting access is the only way for us to be sure we are not putting you at risk should you wish to meet with us, as there is no way we can ensure all previous clients in our offices have been healthy.  The doors will be locked.  We are still serving you, and we want to meet with you virtually, talk with you on the phone, and look forward to sitting down again as soon as it is prudent to do so.  Please call and inquire to make provisions for dropping off any documents.  All other email and phone communication channels are open, and we are excited to announce the addition of web video-conferencing for all team members.  If you want to meet, ask for a link!

Is it safe to be Working Remote?

Your data continues to be secured.  The firm has invested heavily in our IT infrastructure, and has a related IT Managed Service Provider company (Blankenship IT Solutions, LLC – BITS) that serves Blankenship and many of our clients.  BITS leads us in designing, implementing and maintaining a state of the art system, highly secured with industry best practices, monitoring, anti-virus, redundancy, firewall and other protections.  We take the security of our clients’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) seriously, and have implemented appropriate safeguards.  If you ever need some help with your systems, please don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with Cayce at BITS.

Where is my Blankenship Team?

Much of our team will be working remotely.  The team will have the option to drive to their office endure a quick health screening and work on premise on limited days, with no more than ten people per building at any time.  We are strongly recommending all at-risk population team members not work at the office.  We are strongly recommending everyone work from home whenever possible.  It is possible for over 95% of our team to work efficiently and effectively remotely. 

Why are we “Keeping Calm and Carrying On”?

Part of our responsibility in these challenging times is to do our best to keep our economy moving!  More so, we are in the client service industry.  Our relationship with you is what sustains our business, and allows us to continue to serve you with our expert guides.  We will continue to deliver the same expert guidance and service you have been accustomed to receiving from our firm.  We value our relationship, and we are committed to making this as seamless as possible for you.  Your CPA will be personally in touch around delivery of work product, processing and finalizing any project that we are blessed to serve you in.       

How do I communicate with my CPA?

Our offices’ phone systems will continue to function.  If a team member is working remotely that day, then the call will forward to them there.  The main lines and direct dial functions of our systems will get you in touch with your CPA.  We will continue to answer the lines with a live voice whenever possible.  As always, every team member’s email is operating.  If you want to meet, ask for a link!  All our team members have access to web based Zoom video conferencing.  We can send you an email with a link, and you can meet with your CPA, share documents through our Citrix secure portal, and get things done from the convenience of wherever on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How long will this last?

We will continue this as long as our country’s foremost authorities recommend these guidelines.  Should more restrictive suggestions or mandates develop, we will adjust accordingly.  Should we be able to loosen these procedures, we will do so with all care for both you and our team.

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